Funny Short Blonde Hair Idea

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Modifying hairstyle according to the theme will make your life more colorful. It may shows other that you are a stylist and creative person. Although several styles has been tried, it not necessarily such a shame to re-do the same style. There are some funny short blonde hair ideas which you can use as alternative style.

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Curly Cute.  The way to do it is actually simple, start it with styling mousse in the size of a golf ball. Dry your hair until 85% dry. Use a round brush in the diameter of 1.5 – 2 inch. This part is the key part to give the volume look of the hair during the process of drying by lifting and bending hair as you dry it for the rest 15%.


Now, it is the time to use heat protectant to buffer your hair from the heat of the iron from the tools of curling hair. This protectant can be sprayed to the curled to be area. This step can be done as you wait the tools heat up. Then, 1-inch barrel of curling iron will be good to be used. This is aimed to create full curls throughout the back and sides above the both ears. You wish to curl the fringe area of the head to complete this short blonde hair variation. But, you are only allowed to do it lightly. This side is better to have more like bend than curl. Before the finishing touch, nickel-sized amount of texturizing wax is needed for the whole hair. Finally, now you can use a medium or high hold hairspray. This choosing of it depends on which hold you prefer.

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