The Eccentric Edgy Haircuts

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Edgy Long Haircuts

Edgy haircuts can be considered as one of the most extreme way to stand out. Edgy hairstyle is very eccentric; it is the term of a very ‘unique’ hairstyle that looks very messy yet still attractive. The messiness is what makes edgy hairstyle looks both cool and ‘different’.  The ‘different’ here means that there are many people who loves it, and also hates it. Well, everybody has their own perspective and opinions. But, in every way, either the people around you love it or hate it; you’ll still become what we call an ‘attention center’. You look different, and people will always give more attention to the one whom different. If you do need that much attention, edgy hairdo should always be on your favorite hair style list.

Edgy Haircuts for Long Hair
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The good news about edgy hairstyle is, it can be applied on every kind of hair with different length. Whether you are short and straight or long and curvy, you can always add an edgy element on your locks. You can choose many different edgy hairstyles, but if you want a maximum attention, you probably should go with a short edgy hairdo. The shorter your hair, the more attention you get with edgy style. But hold your horses. Do some research before deciding such important thing. Have you ever cut your hair short? Do you look good on it? If you think you’re not the kind of short-hair person, you may consider to choose a longer edgy look. Short hair will probably emphasize and accentuate your face feature, and short edgy style will emphasize it even more. If you don’t have a well defined jaws and cheekbones, you may consider choosing a longer edgy style.

Women with round face can opt for medium edgy styles that falls below the chin. How to apply the edgy to them? Cut them asymmetrically. Cut them with sharp and blunt cuts. Color them with the color that helps making them looks edgier. If you don’t want to cut your long locks, you can choose a long edgy hairstyle. The way to make it looks edgy is the same as the medium. Just makes sure that it has sharp edge everywhere. You can make your front longer and makes it shorter in the back, or you can just put your hair on one side, leaving the other side fully exposed. If you’ve decide that you will take the edgy, be prepared for the coming compliments and critics.


Photo Gallery of The Eccentric Edgy Haircuts

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