Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

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medium hair wedding hairstyles

Unique Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

wedding medium hair hairstyles
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When you are going to married to someone, your hairstyle will be the focal point instead of the wedding dress. Therefore, you should keep an eye for this one in order to give the best performances for all audiences. Medium hair has a benefit especially for wedding event. It will give you more freedom to do something. This is not only women but also for men who want to get married. In this article we will focused on women wedding hairstyles for medium hair.

Back Rolls

Or we know it as back victory rolls. Yes, this is a vintage weeding hairstyle for medium hair which used by some princess at that kingdom era. For jokes, the princess usually has no long hair because they got young married. This style simply stunning audience and it is suit able for medium hair women. It also fit with any wedding dress because you just use some hair clips to make a rolling hair at your back.

Twisted Bun

For a wedding, bun will not be forgotten. This twisted bun can make you go back to the vintage era. You just leave your bangs alone with a ponytail at your back hair. Then, you will ask where the twists are? At your ponytail is the answer. After you made a ponytail with your back hair, in this case medium hair, you make small twists and stick them all in a bun. In addition, you can make wavy bangs by using gel. At last, fixing spray will fixing all the way.

Simple Bun with Curly hair

This is the last wedding hair style for medium hair. If you have thick medium hair, this hairstyle will appropriate with you. You just make on simple twisting hair and then get it back to its starting point before twisted. Ensure they will wrap around you to make them visible for audience.

Photo Gallery of Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

wedding hairstyles for medium hairwedding medium hair hairstyleswedding medium hair hairstylesmedium hair wedding hairstyleswedding hairstyles medium hair

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